From the August 1999 magazine.

Part 2: Editorial Issues

Presentation to the 49th General Service Conference La Viña: A Progress Report


The 1995 General Service Conference answered an expressed need within the Fellowship for a Spanish-language magazine modeled on the Grapevine. Through its advisory action, and with the support of the General Service Board, the Conference asked the Grapevine to produce and manage the new magazine for five years. In June 1996, the first issue of La Viña was published.

It is not too early, with one year remaining in the specified period, for us to consider where we go from here. What is the value of La Viña to our Fellowship? Does it carry our message of recovery to alcoholics? What are the circulation numbers--that is, how many alcoholics is La Viña reaching? What are the financial considerations of continuing beyond the initial phase recommended by the Conference, since the General Service Board, with the direct oversight of the Trustees Finance Committee, is "footing the bill"? Is the magazine itself of good enough content and quality to attract and keep readers, to be "our meeting in print" for Spanish-speaking AA members in North America?

-- Jaime M.

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