From the February 2006 magazine.

A Forum And A Homecoming

East Central Regional Forum, Houghton, Michigan, November 4-6, 2005

Houghton is located in the scenic Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Despite the long distances, an above-average number of attendees (327) from all over the East Central Region gathered there to participate in the Regional Forum, including about a dozen enthusiastic Spanish-speaking AA members, some from newly formed groups in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana.

On Friday afternoon, the Executive Editor of the Grapevine chaired a "Grape Ball," an event where GvRs and others who love the Grapevine shared their experience with the magazine. The Forum began with opening remarks by the Chairman of the General Service Board of AA, Leonard Blumenthal, Class A (non-alcoholic) trustee, followed by presentations by the East Central Regional Trustee, other trustees, and members of GSO staff.

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