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Published May 2011.

Welcome to AA - The Way Life Should Be

The principals of AA and the love and humor of the fellowship gave this member a life second to none

"It is due only to the principles of the AA program and the love and humor of the fellowship that I've come to agree with that sign."

"You're not really going to a meeting tonight, are you?" My wife knew I'd been working hard and sleeping badly for a week. Townies called the mid-March Maine snowstorm still in progress "mushy rain." About six inches of the stuff lay across my driveway, with more on the way. But I'd agreed the week before to fill in for the set-up guy, who was out of town. "Only a few guys are going to show up," my wife warned, "all of them with four-wheel drive. You could stay home and get some rest. Nobody would care."

She was almost right about the four-wheelers, but wrong on the second account. I would care. This is my home group of eighteen years. I made a few three-or-four-person meetings in snowstorms my first years around the fellowship. I remember my body turning warm and relaxed back then just at the sight of the kitchen lights when I turned my rusty pickup into the church parking lot.

-- Anonymous


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