From the June 2011 magazine.

Momma Bear

Through divorce and a decade-long custody battle, this member stays sober with the help of AA

My homegroup, One Step At a Time (OSAT), is an outdoor enthusiast group that hikes up Tiger Mountain for our meetings. The morning meeting is held on Sundays, so Mother's Day always includes a special fellowship and an opportunity for reflection for this sober woman. This year, 2009, the Mother's Day meeting was phenomenal. Many members hiked with their children, and it turned out to be OSAT's largest meeting yet.

Since early childhood, I had dreamed of becoming the perfect wife and mother, and I was as happy as I could be when I married and was blessed with three treasured sons. Yet it was not meant to be, and within ten years I was divorced, broken-hearted, battling low self-esteem, and turning to alcohol for comfort. To this day, that time in my life is an excruciating blur, and I do not know if the divorce, which I did not want, led to more drinking, or if more drinking led to the divorce.

-- Nancy S.

Renton, Washington

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