From the July 2011 magazine.

July 2011: Editor's Letter

Annual Prison Issue

In a letter that he wrote in 1949, Bill W. said "Every AA has been, in a sense, a prisoner.” Each July, Grapevine publishes its prison issue, which shares stories from prisoners and former prisoners, who demonstrate through their stories that they are free emotionally, physically and spiritually, through their recovery.

Read a missive from a member confined for commiting murder during a relapse, who remembers when he was “too busy” for meetings in “Long Days Past.” In “The Message Inside,” another AA and former inmate returns to the last place he wants to be, in order to take a meeting to prisoners behind the walls. And in “After the Crash,” a woman is finally able to confront her alcoholism when she is sentenced to jail. Whether you have experienced or are currently in prison, it is likely all AA members can identify with being a prisoner to alcoholism and for many of us, prison was just a “yet” waiting to happen any time we picked up. Other stories in this issue are also “yets” for many of us.

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