From the July 2011 magazine.

July 2011: A Matter of Time

An old-timer contemplates the significance of putting together “a few 24s”

"The good news is that anyone can become an old-timer if they’re willing to be willing to change and follow some direction."

For those of you who don’t know what constitutes an old-timer, theoretically it’s someone with over 30 years of sobriety. Of course, my last sponsor and I used to argue regularly about that. I’ve heard some people say old-timer age is 20, others say 25. The newcomer thinks anyone with more than a year is an old-timer. I know I used to.

But it really isn’t important ... or is it? Those of us in the old-timer category probably spend too much time trying to sound spiritual, acting like we know what we’re talking about. We really don’t know any more than most people, we’ve just had more practice not knowing it.

-- Ann S.

Menifee, California

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