From the July 2011 magazine. First printed in July 1945.

July 2011: The Grapevine: Past, Present and Future

In July 1945, Bill W. penned an article on the AA Grapevine that is still relevent today

A collection of Grapevine covers through the years.

The Grapevine has just completed the first year of its existence. Scores of enthusiastic letters are coming in. They are written from all parts of the United States and some from foreign countries. They congratulate The Grapevine staff and ask them to keep up their good work.

To these felicitations I’d like to add my own. A grand job has been done by the volunteer staff, who gave freely a vast amount of time and labor. And some gave money, too; you don’t start a paper on hay. To the retiring volunteers, I want to say, along with every Grapevine subscriber, “Congratulations and thanks.”

-- Bill W.

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