From the February 2013 magazine.

February 2013: A Trip to the Hospital

I recently got active in Public Information to give myself something to do other than be self-absorbed. I was welcomed at the District; that kind of service hadn’t been active there for a while. I read the workbook and chose the tasks that didn’t seem too complicated or inconvenient. I began taking AA literature to hospital emergency rooms, asking the nurse where I could leave it. I was always welcomed and felt AA was well-received. I began to have a sense of usefulness. I started talking about my experiences to anyone I thought might find it interesting, and hopefully, inspiring. I’m still puzzled that this arm of our service is so unpopular.

One day, a new sponsee was listening to me go on about how useful I felt when I delivered literature, how it’s impossible to guess how many lives could be changed by this work. She rolled her eyes and said, “How hard can this be? Give me a packet, and I’ll drop it off at the hospital.” I gave her some pamphlets and explained what to do. I asked her to call me after she delivered it.

-- Anonymous

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