From the March 2013 magazine.

March 2013: Alone No More

Are you having trouble getting to meetings? AA to the rescue

Like many other recovering alcoholics, I struggle with a physical disability. I have MS, which has advanced to the degree that I am unable to drive, and I’m reliant upon a walker and a wheelchair to get around. I can’t get to AA meetings whenever I feel like it, since I have to get a ride from someone who’s willing and able and strong enough to load and unload my wheelchair and help me in and out of the car and my chair on “weaker” days.

I’m so very grateful for the LIM program that AA has for those of us who cannot get to meetings. LIM stands for Loners Internationalists Meeting, and it is basically a confidential “meetings by mail” deal. It helps people who are isolated due to living in a remote area where there are no meetings (Loners), people who are home-bound because they have health problems or disabilities (Homers), and alcoholics deployed overseas or working on a seagoing vessel for long periods (Internationalists). Finally, there are “Loner Sponsors” and “Port Contacts,” who are able to get to regular AA meetings, but who elect to “be there” for those of us who can’t.

-- Morgan M.

Burlington, Washington

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