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Anonymity and the Social Networks

An AA discovers a way in which her anonymity is threatened by an online social group

I am a 50-something-year-old woman who has been sober for over a couple of decades by God's grace and the Fellowship I have found in the Program. I am also a pretty technically-savvy person who has a professional background in technology. I work in a very public arena and although I am open to and always looking for opportunities to live this Program in that arena, I do not believe that anonymity, in the true sense of the word, allows me to publicly advertise the miracle that has been my recovery.

I believe I am only a drink away from my old life and that keeps me attending meetings. We are blessed in our small town to have a great mixture of all the elements that make up a loving and kind recovery community for the most part and I feel like I need to pass on the things I was taught yet be open to change if I am to continue the legacy of which I am blessed to be a part.

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