From the February 2013 magazine.

February 2013: Get Into the Boat

When I was 18 I took all my hopes and dreams—family, friends, college, career, girlfriend, future wife, children, house and a nice car—and put them all into a box. I took that box and threw it out into the middle of a lake and passed out on the shore. For 10 long years, I stayed asleep until someone came along with a boat. They picked up my body and sat me down in the boat and began tapping me on the head. For 40 days and 40 nights they tapped me on the head until I finally woke up. As I looked around, I saw them pointing out toward the middle of the lake and then they spoke. “Look your box is sinking! We can teach you how to row your boat out to get it, but you’re the only one who can do it, and you better hurry before your box sinks.”

I am writing to you from a rehab, where I have been for 45 days now, and after 45-plus AA meetings, I’m finally starting to wake up. To the person reading this who is still sleeping on the shore—don’t give up, because there is a boat and they can tap you until you wake up and they can show you how to row out there and get your box back.

-- Joe W.

New Waterford, Ohio

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