From the March 2013 magazine.

March 2013: Hot Wine

Stealing booze seemed like a good idea at the time, but the price just kept getting higher

One spring day my AA friend Ray P. and I were taking a side trip from the North Coast AA Roundup in Seaside, Oregon. Panning for gold was one of Ray’s hobbies, so we were heading down south to Tillamook to check out a sluice Ray was interested in. I was along for the ride to see some of the beautiful Oregon coast.

My aunt and uncle had lived in Tillamook. I grew up in Seaside. This was my old stomping ground, and I wanted to see it again. I tried not to bore Ray to death with stories of the past, including the many memories of the last days of my drinking. But I never want to completely forget those days of suicidal thought and “incomprehensible demoralization.” That was more than 20 years ago.

-- Michael P.

Puyallup, Washington

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