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The Days of Discontent

Although she was professionally successful, her life was unhappy as she continued to drink

My drinking career started as a teenager. I always felt different, out of step with other kids. Being a teen is hard enough but being a teen who is a suppressed homosexual and a budding alcoholic is intolerable. When I discovered alcohol, I thought I had found my elixir, my soul mate, my best friend and my cure-all. It didn't take long for me to seek this friend as often as I could. And when I was drinking I was fine.

I drank for attention. I drank for affection. I drank to get "love." I managed somehow to get through college, though it took several attempts. After college I stumbled into an entry-level position at a prestigious ad agency in New York City. I had entered an industry where drinking was not only encouraged, it was expected. After almost 2 years in New York and still no clear direction in my life, I decided that I wanted to move to San Francisco.

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