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A Part in God's Plan

A relapse gave him new faith in his Higher Power and AA

I stumbled through the doors of AA in 1999 after a 35-year affair with alcohol. I found it strange when I saw the folks in the rooms laughing and enjoying each other's company, for my life up to that point was neither fun nor enjoyable. I hadn't laughed or cried in years. But, the people in the program accepted me, and because of their attentiveness I finally went to a physician and got checked out. I hadn't been to a doctor in over 30 years.

After an initial visit, the doctor suggested I see some folks at the mental health services because my behavior was somewhat erratic. I told him I was new in recovery and he said that was good, that if I stayed sober I could be of help to countless people just by presenting a sober example. I thought how silly that idea was—me being helpful to anyone.

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