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Humble Popcorn

After alcoholism ruined his career and his life, he found a new sober job

I was the living Jekyll & Hyde split personality. I was a new doctor in town and I would show up to church with my beautiful family and go to my practice and serve the community. Only those very close had some idea of the problem and I lived in the delusion that I was in control of everything. In order to function, I required constant access to alcohol and other substances. I was struggling to bring in enough money, we had just had our third child, the rent on my new office and equipment was due, my marriage was a disaster, and I was working a graveyard shift job in a factory to keep things going.

I was not even licensed to practice; I had failed the state board exam and was waiting another six months to re-sit the section I had failed. My best thinking told me to open up my office anyway. So, I did. Of course, this is only a general description of the madness and lunacy in which I was living.

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