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Not God Forsaken

Although she doubted it, her Higher Power was there all along

I drank for 11 years until I found AA at the age of 22. There I was with a horrible drinking past. Some young people arrive at AA and are just beginning to recognize their alcoholism, they quit and they don't have to have all those "yets" happen to them. Looks like I was one of those who had to have those "yets" in order to finally get sober. Not that I would wish it on anyone.

My alcoholism took me to running away from home three days after I turned 18. I left NY on a bus with a bottle of wine and landed on the streets of Los Angeles. I would often wake up not knowing where I was or how I got there. First thing, I would check to see if I had all my body parts and then I would tip toe out of whatever God-forsaken place I was in. Today, I know that God had not forsaken me. He was there all along and helping me.

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