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Service in Sobriety

From early days, commitments and service kept him coming

Recently, I had the honor and privilege of celebrating 31 consecutive years of sobriety in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. I celebrated with my home group on a Sunday evening. While at work the next day, one of my coworkers mentioned my achievement. A woman, overhearing this, congratulated me and asked, "How did you do it? " My immediate response was "One day at a time."

She told me that she had a nephew who had a drinking problem and he had agreed to go back to AA and try again. He wasn't very hopeful because, he said, AA had never worked for him. She wondered why. I tried to explain to her that there was much more to staying sober than just going to meetings. There are many people today who just visit AA. They come to a meeting, for whatever reason, and never get involved. Some do stick around and actually stay sober for a while.

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