"What's On Your Mind?" and GrapeNet Forum Policy

Grapevine has been known as a forum for debate within the Fellowship since its founding. The online What's On Your Mind? and GrapeNet forums continue this tradition. We hope that you will initiate or participate in What's on Your Mind? and or GrapeNet discussions in a responsible way.

As Bill W. is quoted in our Statement of Purpose:

"Within the bounds of friendliness and good taste, the Grapevine will enjoy perfect freedom of speech on all matters directly pertaining to Alcoholics Anonymous."

In the spirit of this statement let's be sure to continue to treat each other with respect, even if or when we disagree. Please keep coming back to the What's On Your Mind? and GrapeNet Forums!

Usage Guidelines

As a reminder, for those unfamiliar with our tradition of anonymity:

"Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions." Tradition Twelve

You are asked not share your full name, e-mail address, or any other identifying information about yourself or others on this forum. The "What's On Your Mind" and GrapeNet forums have been designed to help protect your anonymity and to remain anonymous by requesting that you to create the screen name of your choice.

Please limit your postings to approximately 250 words. New topics are selected every business day with new messages posted within 48 hours. What's On Your Mind? does not publish or post:

  • Poetry
  • Personal prayers
  • Song lyrics
  • Tributes to individuals
  • Anything that violates the principles of AA
  • Solicitations of any kind
  • Links to other websites
  • Information on local AA meetings (see www.aa.org or www.aa-intergroup.org for listings)

In keeping with AA's Traditions, What's on Your Mind? and GrapeNet forums will not:

  • Participate in research or post any information regarding such projects
  • Affiliate with social agencies (although many members do cooperate with such agencies)
  • Publish proper names for brands, venues, resorts, or rehabs. These names will be made generic
  • Engage in controversy about alcoholism or other matters
  • Follow up or try to control or police its members
  • Provide domestic or vocational counseling
  • Recruit members
  • Accept any contributions or money for its services

AA Grapevine, Inc. tries to validate any facts or history pertaining to AAWS literature or any Grapevine publications. AA Grapevine, Inc. is not accountable for other facts or definitions posted on this bulletin board.

Note: AA Grapevine, Inc., reserves the right to moderate this electronic forum. Grapevine's web editor will edit where necessary to keep the postings within the AA principles and What's On Your Mind? and GrapeNet guidelines. All postings become the property of AA Grapevine, Inc., and may be used for publication in Grapevine's magazines or other content vehicles by all means and in any media now known or hereinafter developed, throughout the world. Given the volume of participation in the electronic forum, Grapevine will not acknowledge each posting. Approved Whats On Your Mind? or GrapeNet posts will appear on the forum between 3-5 days from time of submission.