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conference approved books

Keeping it as simple as possible, the best way to answer the question,"Are the Grapevine Books conference approved?"

Members say the GV & products are costly

Had a great talk with Janet at GSO this morning. She was delightful and very thorough in helping me. When I posed the subject question to her because I've heard this comment many times lately, she explained the cost of everything has gone up, they avoided increases for many years, etc. but the one thing I had forgotten was:

Our meeting in print does not receive contributions from groups or individuals. Striving to meet our 7th Tradition of self support is always paramount to the corporation. Pleasing the subscriber's and paying the bills must be a constant struggle for them. Of course, restructuring and new ideas are currently in the works at GSO and GSC will be addressing these issues in April.

thanks for all you do for our Beloved Fellowship,
Barbara G.
Grapevine Chair

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