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summer people

We welcome all,I was welcomed way before I was serious,thank God & not you or your misguided sponsor.

Keeping it simple

If I don't take A drink.......
I won't get drunk.
If I don't get drunk,
Things WILL get better.....

Keeping it simple

I've had too many bad things happen during sobriety to think it's this simple. Drinking or not drinking, life happens. Not taking a drink doesn't necessarily make everything better, but I know taking that drink WILL make things worse.

Keeping it Simple

"If I don't get drunk,
Things WILL get better....."
Really? I suppose the one who said that never heard of a dry drunk.
While in the Navy I was told many times, 'S., if you'd quit drinking you'd be a h... of a good guy."
Whenever the ship left port I quit drinking, but never became a good guy.

This meeting is awesome!

I hear this enthusiastic and uplifting comment most often at discussion meetings, where folks say what is on their minds -- and feel comfortable and safe sharing real feelings and happenings in their lives, honestly. When folks are "being real" together, feeling the support of fellowship, and are linked by a common desire to get sober, stay sober, and help others--What could be better? When someone shares honestly, others share honestly. How was your day today? How do the 12 Steps and how does the AA Big Book (and maybe: How does your personal contact with a higher power)in particular help you on this path to be the best person you can be, and lead you to take good action? Answering even a part of this -- with hopes of extending a helping hand to another human being -- THAT is truly awesome. I am grateful.

This meeting is awesome!

I love to go to the kind of meeting you describe. It's awesome! :)

Where are your feet?

Where ever your feet are thats where the rest of you is as well. Next time you are at a meeting look down at your feet. It will be nice to see that they are right where they belong!

The only problem with drinking is that drinking causes problems!

Prey! The lord may not give you what you want. But he will always give what you need. Wheather you like it or not.

The problem with instant gratification is that it takes so God Damned Long!

Whatch that first step....Its a doosey!

Funny how people who say they don't believe in God always have to explain to you why.

AHHH Im not comfortabe to hear about GOD!

My Sponsor go look around the GOD, it say Group Of Drunk finally I found GOD in AA that where I belong. Olav

New God in A.A.

New God in A.A. the outside sponorship system

I dont believe in god and I

I dont believe in god and I dont feel the need to explain why I dont

I don't believe in god and I

That is the amazing part of AA, you don't have to explain. I do believe in God and don't have to explain why. It's a beautiful thing.

don't have to believe

As a believer, I must say that you do not have to believe in anything. The freedom we enjoy in A. A. has allowed many of us to be led to a god of some kind, but never forced. M.

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Belief in God

God lives inside the souls of people who are unaware of his presence.

Yes but....

He also lives inside the souls of people that ARE AWARE of his presence.

And also...

God lives in the people who acknowledge his presence by following his shown path...


Only if the outside sponsorship system does not try to claim his miracle of a free gift- Only but for the grace of God I would be a sponsor to somebody ALREADY HERE !!! Take a closer look

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What is this "outside

What is this "outside sponsorship system"? What does this mean?

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What is this "outside

What is this "outside sponsorship system"? What does this mean?

Think and Thank

Think before you take that first drink
Think where it can take you, AND
Thank God you didn't


To you who doesn't believe in God, from personal experience I know God is and will and can cange people from the inside. My own spiritual experience proved to me without a doubt that God exists.There will come a time in your life when self fails so badly you will seek a power greater than yourself and I don't mean drugs or drink. Just stay sober and work the steps to the best of your ability and keep an open mind that there just may be a God who cares for you.

New Here!

Hello to you all! I'm delighted to have joined this forum and am looking forward to contributing.

My interests are wide and varied but I reckon my real passion is for music. I love a wide variety such as
Faithless, The Smiths, Enigma, The Cure & The Mission.

I'm always on the lookout for new places to download new music and the best place I have come across is
Iomoio. Their music is only 15 cents a track so you can save a real fortune. And it's legal!

Anyway, looking to make more posts soon.....


The 12 steps are not mandatory. You can stay sick, silly, shitty and stupid as long as you want. There is only one fine line between myself and God. That is my ego. I taught it everything it tells me.
Take your hands off the wheel, foot off the accelerator and let God drive, You will arrive where you began, safe and protected wherever you go.

Let go and let GOD

Egotistical maniacs with inferiority complexes cannot let go and let God or even come close to abandoning themselves to him that's why they cling to mommy or daddy's that many labeled THEIR SPONSOR. Take a closer look

12 Steps are not mandatory . . .

How many alcoholics have you killed with this statement. In early AA, you had to WORK THE STEPS, THE PROGRAM. If you did not want to do the program, you were asked to leave. They said, "We can't help you."

AA has gone from a program of saving lives to a program of not drinking, and it's statements like "The 12 Steps are not mandatory . . . " that are killing alcoholics.

The program is NOT don't drink & go to meetings. There is "a" solution, and it's in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.

12 steps are not mandatory

I have not in my time of being at meetings have said "we can't help you or asked anyone to leave. I was told if I didn't get a sponsor and work the steps to the best of my ability, that I may as well go out to finish the job. These words got me a sponsor and working the steps. Nobody kills alcoholics, as far as I'm concerned. Some people do not have the capacity to be honest they hold on to their deepest darkest secrets.

RE: 12 Steps are not mandatory

There you are! I wondered where you were. I was concerned that you were lost in the transition to the new I-SAY FORUM.
It took me a few weeks to find it. If AA had continued to
grow at an acceptable rate, the rate of the first 57 years,
we would have eight million members in AA today. Most members know that today our membership is estimated at
two million. Where are the other six million? Most are
still sick and suffering. Many have died because we have
failed them. Have we failed them by telling them that the 12
steps are not mandatory? I really don't think so, in fact
I believe just the opposite. They have approached us in
desperation looking for help and we have shoved the 12
steps at them as the answer. The problem is not the 12
steps; It is the shoving. The demands are just overwhelming.
Get a sponsor, 90 in 90, find God and find Him now. Hold
hands with us while we pray. You are correct. Alcoholics
all around us are dying unnecessarily. We are all to blame:
Those who have changed Alcoholics Anonymous from a fellowship (lower case f) of men and women, to a twelve step
PROGRAM (only one of many). Those of us who stood by
silently, allowing personalities to overtake principles are
equally to blame.
The solution seems to be a secret. What really works is
one sober alcoholic telling other alcoholics exactly how
he/she got sober, without demanding, or even asking for anything in return. We are not to offer any advice or directions. We only share our own experience.
I suspect that many of us have such deep religious
convictions that the phrase "GO EASY ON THE GOD STUFF"
is offensive. The gospel churches that I have attended
seem to say You must find God and find Him today. The
alcoholic just needs a little more time and love or
suffering, whatever she/he chooses.
Alcoholics Anonymous is failing many alcoholics and
their families. Everyone seems to know that except our
prideful members. What do you think is wrong? I have
studied the history and sincerely believe I found the
answers, beginning with the "cart before the horse",
idea offered to Bill in the spring of 1935. The grave
mistakes we have made at the group level in the past three decades are covered in the I-SAY FORUM. ANONYMOUS

Steps are not manditory

Thank you Bob H

RE: Ego-Depth-Deflation

Our early sober members spent many days and nights to
convince the early group members to lable the steps as
suggestive. They wanted the door left wide open for any
alcoholic with a desire to get well. To lable any member
as sick, silly, shitty, and stupid is harmful and drives
suffering alcoholics from our rooms. You can take both
hands off the wheel and applaud yourself, if your purpose
is to destroy our fellowship. ANONYMOUS

heard it at a meeting

"you can do it now or you can do it later, but sooner or later you will do it" An old timer told me that.

Hello I think you're wrong

Hello Very funny post...

Did you ask your sponsor?

Did you ask your sponsor if you can think? Talk about weird

It's Not who's right
IT'S WHO'S LEFT - your ego or the spirit of A.A.

13 Stepping?

What is this? I met someone and am marrying him. For over a year & a half my life has been connected, healthy & sober, but I keep being told rumours that 13 Stepping is basically breaking the AA law. I have read all literature that I can find, and there is nothing that opposes this. Apart from 'unwanted romantic advances' in the traditions checklist. I understand there are predators and vulnerable people out there, and this fortunately does not apply to me. I am being ostracised, and while it doesn't affect my sobriety, it affects those who were very friendly and excited for us and were coming to the wedding and have now decided not to, and refuse to give an explanation. How would you deal with this. It seems so sad and wrong.... perhpas we will find out more in time....
Confused yet hopefull

13 th Stepping

Only a sponsor would bring up their own reality - Principles before personalities - Personality is simply a sponsors reality who love to use fear calling it helping you!!!!

Trust in God and Clean house and you'll be OK with or without

Re: 13 stepping

Read a Vision for you in the Big Book. It does mention people find love or marriage in the rooms.God of your understanding and your will in his care. If you found love in the rooms and your honest in your motives good for you!


There is a reference. Look up "boy meets girl on AA campus.". Sober people refer to "bar behavior". Why are u at meetings? Check your motives. Keep the focus on yourself is an AlAnon phrase, useful in their recovery and ours. You want a deep, fulfilling relationship? Find the right sponsor (do they have what u want? For starters...).

AA Relationships.

Did you ever notice? Those who keep repeating Women stick with the women and men stick with the men are the same
members whose mates are in the program. But on the other hand maybe they are trying to give us advice from their
own experience. I have seen several relationships and
marriages between members go sour. I believe Bill W.
left us some good advice in the big book about this
kind of question. Easy does it. Take your time. ANONYMOUS

Re. 13 Stepping?

First, I want to wish you congratulations on your impending wedding. You have found someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, and that is fantastic!

As to relationships when fairly newly sober, there are of course no rules in AA. However, sometimes when we are fairly new to sobriety, our judgment may not always be the best -- just a lot going on in the head and it can be difficult to have clear perspective. Not sure how long your fiance has been sober -- I'm sure the two of you have talked about how your marriage and your sobriety will fit together. If you have also discussed things with your sponsor and other trusted friends in AA and prayed and meditated about it (preferably not just once but for a period of time) and your fiance has done the same, and you both still feel this is the right decision for you, then in my opinion there is no reason to hold back. (If on the other hand you have not done these things, then those are suggestions you might want to consider.)

As to others in the program who may criticize your decision, if there are among them those you love and respect, I would suggest you ask their opinion and take the time to talk with them about it in a private setting. My feeling is that if they are truly worried about your welfare and your prospects for a long term relationship, they will offer their honest opinion in a loving way, and in the end they will still love you and support your decision, whatever that happens to be. I think friends support friends even when they think their friend is making a mistake. If they act otherwise (not willing to talk, overly critical, thinking they know better and expressing that in a negative fashion, etc.), then it indicates something about the lack of depth of their friendship.

Whatever you end up doing, I wish you all the best! And sobriety no matter what.

Cheers / Love.

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13 Stepping

You go to AA because you're f'd up, why would you bother with a relationship if you can't bother to fix yourself first? Or the people you've hurt, money you owe, etc. You should go to AA to get SOBER, build relationships with people to stay sober by talking.....not dating. 13 Stepping seems to be another denial of fake sobriety so you don't have to do the work yourself. But what do I know, I'm still trying to stand up......

ps - I will add this to my lists of amends, I am full of self loathing and self pity.

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13 Stepping

Hi Anonymous,

Read page 119 in the 12&12.

You will find your solution there.

"The prospective partners need to be solid A.A.'s and long enough acquainted to know that their compatibility at spiritual, mental, and emotional levels is a fact and not wishful thinking. They need to be as sure as possible that no deep-lying emotional handicap in either will be likely to rise up under later pressures to cripple them."

When I put relationships (or anything else) over sobriety, I am setting myself up for rejection and will eventually lead to relapse. My sobriety comes first.

Talk to your sponsor and/or do a 4th Step on it.


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Dubious "Hope", LOL?

Heard at a meeting, several years ago:

"If you're new...there's good news, and there's bad news.
The good news is, there's hope. The bad news is, we're it!"

Submitted by - The Original Earthmom

Surrender &" Let Go and Let God"

Heard today at a meeting:
One woman shared that she had recently read on someone's Facebook page a different take on this slogan: "LET GO OR BE......DRAGGED!".
Many times that's how it is. I was dragged to my first AA meeting and many times it takes the pain to finally let go of people, places and situations.

Let go and let ?

Alcoholics don't let go of nothing - Their hands just give out!

Letting go...

In agreement with that.
Few months back at a mtg, few hard working and passionate program working aa's were sharing about letting go. We all had something to say. The last guy to share said, I can't let go; if I could, I would, but I can't. So at step 3, when it talks about turning my life and my will over (aka letting go), instead of trying to let go, I remind myself to finish what I started: continue all the other steps, and continue to help other's through all the other steps.
I can't change what my mind goes to, but I can continue finishing what I've started: a style for living that really works, even when I don't think so!

I was dragged to my first AA

I was dragged to my first AA meeting too. Yesterday was the
37 1/2 year anniversary! They always say that there's an exception to every rule, and I thank God that my friend decided to break the rule of "Attraction rather than Promotion." I think it's usually -- almost always -- true, but I would be dead a long time ago if he hadn't taken matters into his own hands.

I will never cease to be grateful to him, to my sponsor, and to this wonderful Program.

RED: Dragged to first meeting

I wasn't dragged to my first 23 years of meetings but directed there by a Power greater than myself who I addressed as "Your Honor". I also never went to a meeting sober. I then found myself in a treatment center where I went because, again, I had to. So I never did "come to AA"; you came to me. And for that I thank you all and God for doing for (to?) me what I could not do for myself. Because of that experience I became willing to follow some suggestions and have now been sober 10 1/2 years. In a row! bootom line? I don't know what's good for me and neither (I assume) do most newcomers. So I abide by what a friend calls perhaps the most spiritual words ever spoken in AA: "Shut up and get in the car!"

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heard this @ a meeting

The first thing you put ahead of your soberity is the second thing you’ll lose.
Dennis D.

first and second

"The first thing you put ahead of your sobriety is the second thing you'll lose," - Dennis D.

THANK YOU for this post. Last night was my first meeting in 5 years. Although I've kept a lot of what AA has tought me in mind throughout those years...this is something new and a HUGE eye opener, because that's exactly what I've been doing. Always putting something, or someone (mainly someone), ahead of my sobriety.

I feel like I've been on the worst bungee jump of my life, hitting rock bottom, then coming back into the air, and nose diving into the rocks again, and again, and again. Not putting myself (physical, mental, and spiritual being) ahead of everything else has truely been my issue.

Thank You, again, for putting this into perspective for me.
Much appreciated!!

The door knob meaning

If God knocks one needs to open the door, there are a lot of people who have no door knobs to open the door - Just ding dongs sponsors to let them know something maybe going down.

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Live for today

If you have one foot in yesterday and one foot in tomorrow all you can do is pee on today...so get both feet in today.

4th of July

Nearly all Independence Day disasters start with the following phrase: "Hey, hold my beer and watch THIS!"

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