Heard At Meetings

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closing prayer

This is what I call a 'fox hole' prayer.
It never works.
I must accept the fact that I AM an alcoholic.

don't drink between meetings

don't drink between feelings

Casey K Castle Rock
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Don't drink between meetings...

...or AT meetings; all other times are optional.

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Heard at meetings

"Quit telling your God how big your problems are, and start telling your problems how big your God is"

bonnie from nk

i really enjoyed your comment

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Amen brother!!!

Amen brother!!!

Heard at Meetings

AA is like the Mob if you leave, you're dead!


that comment seems so doom and gloom on it's surface, but it's the truth. For us to drink is to die. Period. Thanks for your humor too!

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What I can handle

Tonight at my home group, I heard something that I had heard a million times...but this time with a great caveat...

"God will never give me more than I can handle...but life will, which is why I need God."



I heard the definition of psychopath out of the dictionary at a meeting the other day and if your truelly an alcoholic thats how we were, my dictionary does'nt have the word in it or I would share it, but look it up you will be amazed at least our whole group could relate and it made us all feel alot better and made us feel even closer to eachother and that we really do need AA. Ejoy Jules

meaning of psychopath

repeatedly doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. that means a.a. members have this problem, when they know what the first drink will lead to trouble but continue to do so. that is why thank my hirer power the fellowship and the understanding of somber a.a. members who showed me the way to a better life by not lifting the first drink for one day and your life can only improve

You Can't Just Show Up

After confirming with the designated point of contact and volunteering at a district sponsored event, the area committee chair later said, "You can't just show up".

You Can't Just Show Up

Showing up is better than not showing up. "Bring the body and the mind will follow". "We came, we came to, we came to believe." Once the mind catches up to the body, some action will be a good idea too. Into Action, that's how it works!
so suit up and show up.

Get In The Car

At my home group last night, I heard someone say that their sponsor's short version of the 3rd Step is "Get in the car!"
Jon W

12 stepping

A sober member was 17 years since his last drink! He was going on a 12 step call. He invited a young boy who was 17 WEEKS since his last drink.

The young boy says, "You are 17 years since your last drink and I am only 17 weeks since my last drink, what good will I be to this man we are about to visit.

The 17 year sober man said, "You will do great. You are 17 weeks since your last drink, he will find it easier to identify with you. Because you were last at the scene of the accident!!!"

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Get In The Car

Very funny comment, Jon W. In the area of NY where I got sober, it was preceded by SHUT UP (and get in the car). Worked for me!

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Shut Up!

Why would anyone tell a nervous frightend newcomer to
shut up and get in the car. Who are we, The AA POLICE?


I heard it said that it is the worst kind of extravagance the way we keep spending our chances

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