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Drunk in a hole

Wonderful... :)

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drunk in a hole

Love it :)

Drunk in a hole

I like your story. But once an alcoholic you are always an alcoholic that is recovering. The only way to totally be recovered is to be dead.

How to become an OLD TIMER!!!



Old timer!

A man asked his sponsor, "Hey George, how do I become an old timer?"

George said, "Don't drink. Don't die!!!

re drunk in a hole

Be dead, not what my Big Book says.

“We of Alcoholics Anonymous are more than one hundred men and women who have recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body. To show other alcoholics precisely how we have recovered is the main purpose of this book.”

I joined them thirty four years ago and have remained symptom-free (sober) since. I could choose to end my recovery but it doesn't mean that I don't have it.

Recovering. Recovered. Words. Just words but I choose to be consistent with those written in the Big Book, that's all.

"Recovered" vs. "Recovering"

A topic continuously pontificated about. The confusion is based around an implied meaning. The Big Book never states we have recovered from Alcoholism or that we are recovered Alcoholics.

However, it does clearly state "we have recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body".

"To show other alcoholics precisely how we have recovered is the main purpose of this book" is referring to the process used, AKA 12 steps, to achieve a spiritual awaking as THE result of these steps

A detailed explanation of how "we have recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body".

By introducing oneself as a recovered alcoholic, implies past tense, finite, having an ending. To my knowledge, this is a disease with no cure, only a solution for daily living. Therefore we can never be recovered Alcoholics, but we can be recovered. (so long as it's understood that the rest of the sentence refers only to the state of mind, not the disease)

This is a program of Action One Day at a Time. Recovering implies action, in the moment, reminding us daily that we have to be vigilant.

I've always been told this is Alcoholism Not Alcoholwasim

I have seen far too many Alcoholics die or commit suicide because they felt they were recovered Alcoholics.

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re recovery

do you want to be in recovery or recovered? the recovery line of thought comes from treatment jargon. My big book says "recovered" at least 15 times. you can be in recovery, I have recovered from a hopeless state of mind and body. I will stay recovered as long as I do what's required to maintain my daily reprieve.
Actually, I take back what I said about recovery, in the forward to the second edition, it talks about whats vital to "premanent" recovery!

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Re: Drunk in a hole

"I like your story. But once an alcoholic you are always an alcoholic that is recovering. The only way to totally be recovered is to be dead."
Totally false. Apparently you haven't read the Big Book, which says we are never cured but can recover.
Page XIII: "We of Alcoholics Anonymous are more than one hundred men and women who have RECOVERED from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body."
Page XXV: "This man and over one hundred others appear to have RECOVERED."
The word is used on ten more pages in the first eleven chapters, I'll let you decide whether you want to find them or not.
There is no cure for the common cold. I have RECOVERED from more colds than I can count, but if I do certain things I can probably avoid catching another.

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Drunk in the hole

This story tells it all, newcomers as well as old timers should read this message.

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Terrific tale. Thank you.

Drunk in a hole!

Excellent message. Thanks.

Medical Marijuana & AA

I spoke to my sponser about prescription medications. He said "As long as their prescribed for you by a doctor and you need them it's fine" I have several ailments for which medical marijuana is prescribed and I'm in a state where it's legal to procure. Is smoking the medicinal herb meaning I've gone "back out" there?

Medical Marijuana & AA

I was told be honest with your doctor and yourself. I would ask myself if I'm exaggerating my symptoms. As long as you're honest with yourself and your doctor. Are following doctor's orders not yours or anyone else's than you're acting in a sober manner. I wouldn't share your medical details at meetings or with anyone other than people who you trust and have your best interests at heart. My husband is 35 years sober and has several medical conditions that cause him a lot of pain and require pain meds. Too many people who have never had anything like this in their lives have too many opinions, none of them good.

Tell folk nothing!

I had a pal in AA. He visited a group very far away from his one home group. He shared that he had a mental illness and that his psychiatrist prescribed medication for it. He said that he was on this medication. Also he said that he was a practising Catholic and that he had a Jesuit priest as a Spiritual Director.
At the end of the meeting a total stranger called him aside and said to him, 'You are fooling yourself because you are chewing your booze, And by the way, you suffer from another disease called Roman catholocism.

I said to him, "Your relationship with your psychiatrist concerns only you, as does your practice of Roman catholcism.
There is great wisdom in the Preamble. It tells us what AA is about. It also tells us about and the topics that we exclude from our sharing at a meeting.
This poor man was upset by what he heard from a total stranger. The irony is simply this. The total stranger probably thought that he was giving the other man, good sound advice!

tell carefully

We had a friend who went off his psych meds because some fool told him he wasn't sober while taking them. He was drunk and then dead in a week because he could not deal with the horrible symptoms without medication.

On the other hand, I do need to be vigilant when Doc's prescribe for me. I do not accept prescriptions for anything with alcohol or narcotics. And some of them say "just take it as prescribed and you'll be fine," No, I won't be fine. My doc has to understand alcoholism and addiction or he would be dangerous to me.
If I had to try to live with horrible anxiety or pain, I would be in a tough spot. But I would not take the advice of someone who obviously had no training to deal with my medical problems.

And criticising your church? No!
I pray for the other people that might be given this terrible advice.

Fast talking critic of AA.!!!

The young man spoke with great speed a diatribe of crictisms about people, places and things and of course AA.

He stopped for a breath and his observant sponsor humourously quipped, "I think that you are just another rebel without a pause!!!"

The young man laughed and asked, "Why did you say that?"

I was like that young man myself once upon a time, and I can still be to this day too!!!

Re medical marijuana and AA

As long as you don't abuse it your fine. However I couldn't use it it if the Doctor prescribed it for me because I'm multiple-addicted. This includes pills for mental ills. Experience taught me that if I have a problem that requires further help I take it, but if it cripples it's another excuse to use something to numb the pain aka escape from reality. However the best experience I have had was working thru these difficult times with a professional, sponsor, or my higher power. Right now I'm currently dealing with a lot of problems family and work. I found out today it's my attitude. I was told by my boss this morning, I broke down in tears, walked away, and accepted the truth. I may leave the job or I may not, but in the end it's what I do with my attitude. Remember to change the attitude into gratitude.


Herb and AA

To thy own self be true!


What better place to start to build your recovery on than on rock bottom. EM


Yeah! it says rock bottom, not sponge bottom lol

Rock Bottom.


Rock Bottom.

AA taught me to see things in another way. I now see my rock bottom and the foundatiMVjaLon stone of my new sober life.

Rock Bottom

"What better foundation to build your recovery on than on rock bottom." EM

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Heard at meetings

You can't become a car by sitting in a garage.

RE :Heard at meetings

12345 I have seen numerous alcoholics get sober by
sitting in AA meetings. And they died sober, never drinking
again. It is almost like osmosis. True, some members make it
difficult for themselves and others, by constant work.
Faith without works is dead they say. But all the works in
the world is of little value without faith. ANONYMOUS


I discovered that I was allergic to alcohol. When I stopped drinking and I could clearly see this allergy.

I was also allergic to reality(without alcohol in my system!!!)

So 12 steps came to my rescue in this area of my life. I am indeed blessed by the message of AA.


"The monkey is off your back but the circus is still in town"

"I try to stay out of my head it's a bad neighborhood"

Good reminder!

Good reminder!

Silence is golden.

The greatest use of the English language in my own family circle is for me to say nothing!!!( from time to time of course!!!)

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Heard at a meeting........if

Heard at a meeting........if you spot it....you got it...if it makes you mad,you got it bad !,,


There are 3 things that I cannot do!

1/...I cannot change the past!

2/...I cannot change the truth!

3/...I cannot change another person.

People, places, and things, life's too short, live it up!

I remember how much people used to bother me, especially the he said, she said about me, telling me how I should do things, and all the other stuff. I laugh today when I hear someone else who says their bothered by another individual or people. I'm my own self and know who I am today, I love life; and what others have to say about me makes me think wow I rent space in someone else's head. I tell those who are bothered by others life's too short to worry what others say. I know when someone talks about me, I think too I know who I am and it's ok that others don't like my opinion. Who said everyone has to like me? I don't like everyone, I stick to live and let live.
This message is for all those who get what I hear in the meetings, hope it helps:)


saying from the 60's

You can't teach what you don't know
You can't lead where you don't go
You can't be what you are not
You can't give away what you aint got!

Quote of my day!

Sponsee texted me - "The Road to Happy Destiny" is bumpy!"

RE: Quote of my day!

"We shall be with you in the fellowship of the spirit,
and you will surely meet some of us as you TRUDGE the road
of happy destiny. May God bless you and keep you-
until then." Life is in the journey. We travel the road OF
happy destiny: not TO happy destiny. There are indeed
"bumps in the road" for most of us. ANONYMOUS

Visions of soberity.

When I was 16 my priest said to me unless I change I'll be dead or in jail by age 30. Oddly enough I am 34 and quit drinking at 29. I did not realize the strange connection until 6 months ago. God does work in strange ways.

Keep it Simple Easy does it.

It is simple to climb Mount Everest. Go to the bottom and climb up one step at a time! It is that simple!

But it is not easy!!!

Visions of sobriety

God puts people in our path in life for a reason, wether good or bad. All people, places, and things can either teach us or destroy us. It took me a long time to realize this. With humility and wisdom, we strive in life. Good for you that you seen this, surely You have humility and wisdom.


A great day

A good day is when everything goes good for you and at the end of the day you are sober. A great day is when everything goes horribly wrong and at the end of the day you are sober.

Some times thats hard to

Some times thats hard to believe.


To have a belly laugh in a meeting full of alcoholics; is to have a spiritual vacation.
Fernando Commando


u betcha! our group knows/believes in the serious business we share, bu we laff like crazy...if ur not laffing ur crying!.

a thinking spirit

How many AA's does it take to build a bridge to sober? ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!

Psychiatrist ans change.

How many sponsors are needed to change a bulb? Interesting question, but first and foremost THE BULB MUST want to change!!!

Re psychiatrist and change

As far as the lightbulb goes let the higher power recharge it


"All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players,
They have their exits and their entrances,
and one man in his life plays many parts!

(Shakespeare's As you like it.)

During my alcoholic drinking you should have see me practising controlled drinking!!!

Bill Wilson

The following announcement pinned on the door of a room in a holiday resort.


A young lady read the notice, entered. She was the first to arrive at the meeting, so she sat down and waited.

Soon a young man arrived, shook her hand. They introduced them selves to each other,sat down and began to talk.

At 8 pm. the young man said, "O.K. Lets start the meeting!" The young lady asked, "What meeting?" He replied, "The AA meeting!" She said, "I never drank in my life, I'm not an alcoholic. But the notice said 'Friends of Bill Wilson welcome at 8 pm. I am curious so I decided to enter and meet this Bill Wilson!"

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I was on vacation early in sobriety driving down the US Pacific Coast and hit a meeting at a nice facility right next to the ocean. I knew no one in the room and was sitting quietly at a table watching the room fill with a laughing, animated crowd. Suddenly, I heard yelling erupt at a table next to me. An angry guy was standing over another guy shaking his fist and shouting at him. A couple of AA members got between the two and escorted the yeller to the door. As they opened the door and ushered the yeller out you could have heard a pin drop. All of the laughter and chatter evaporated as we watched a rare occurrence in AA; a member being tossed out of a meeting. One of the bouncers suddenly stopped, returned to the door, opened it and yelled, "Keep coming back!". The roar of laughter that erupted could have been heard across the ocean in Japan. The chatter and light heartedness returned and we had a wonderful meeting.

After the meeting, I noticed several men outside the facility talking with the yeller who seemed to have calmed down. It felt good to be a member of a society that had the ability to handle an explosive situation in such a humorous, fair and graceful manner.

nice one... lol.

nice one.. lol..
don h. nashville

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