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saying from the 60's

You can't teach what you don't know
You can't lead where you don't go
You can't be what you are not
You can't give away what you aint got!

Quote of my day!

Sponsee texted me - "The Road to Happy Destiny" is bumpy!"

RE: Quote of my day!

"We shall be with you in the fellowship of the spirit,
and you will surely meet some of us as you TRUDGE the road
of happy destiny. May God bless you and keep you-
until then." Life is in the journey. We travel the road OF
happy destiny: not TO happy destiny. There are indeed
"bumps in the road" for most of us. ANONYMOUS

Visions of soberity.

When I was 16 my priest said to me unless I change I'll be dead or in jail by age 30. Oddly enough I am 34 and quit drinking at 29. I did not realize the strange connection until 6 months ago. God does work in strange ways.

Keep it Simple Easy does it.

It is simple to climb Mount Everest. Go to the bottom and climb up one step at a time! It is that simple!

But it is not easy!!!

Visions of sobriety

God puts people in our path in life for a reason, wether good or bad. All people, places, and things can either teach us or destroy us. It took me a long time to realize this. With humility and wisdom, we strive in life. Good for you that you seen this, surely You have humility and wisdom.


A great day

A good day is when everything goes good for you and at the end of the day you are sober. A great day is when everything goes horribly wrong and at the end of the day you are sober.

Some times thats hard to

Some times thats hard to believe.


To have a belly laugh in a meeting full of alcoholics; is to have a spiritual vacation.
Fernando Commando


u betcha! our group knows/believes in the serious business we share, bu we laff like crazy...if ur not laffing ur crying!.

a thinking spirit

How many AA's does it take to build a bridge to sober? ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!

Psychiatrist ans change.

How many sponsors are needed to change a bulb? Interesting question, but first and foremost THE BULB MUST want to change!!!

Re psychiatrist and change

As far as the lightbulb goes let the higher power recharge it


"All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players,
They have their exits and their entrances,
and one man in his life plays many parts!

(Shakespeare's As you like it.)

During my alcoholic drinking you should have see me practising controlled drinking!!!

Bill Wilson

The following announcement pinned on the door of a room in a holiday resort.


A young lady read the notice, entered. She was the first to arrive at the meeting, so she sat down and waited.

Soon a young man arrived, shook her hand. They introduced them selves to each other,sat down and began to talk.

At 8 pm. the young man said, "O.K. Lets start the meeting!" The young lady asked, "What meeting?" He replied, "The AA meeting!" She said, "I never drank in my life, I'm not an alcoholic. But the notice said 'Friends of Bill Wilson welcome at 8 pm. I am curious so I decided to enter and meet this Bill Wilson!"

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I was on vacation early in sobriety driving down the US Pacific Coast and hit a meeting at a nice facility right next to the ocean. I knew no one in the room and was sitting quietly at a table watching the room fill with a laughing, animated crowd. Suddenly, I heard yelling erupt at a table next to me. An angry guy was standing over another guy shaking his fist and shouting at him. A couple of AA members got between the two and escorted the yeller to the door. As they opened the door and ushered the yeller out you could have heard a pin drop. All of the laughter and chatter evaporated as we watched a rare occurrence in AA; a member being tossed out of a meeting. One of the bouncers suddenly stopped, returned to the door, opened it and yelled, "Keep coming back!". The roar of laughter that erupted could have been heard across the ocean in Japan. The chatter and light heartedness returned and we had a wonderful meeting.

After the meeting, I noticed several men outside the facility talking with the yeller who seemed to have calmed down. It felt good to be a member of a society that had the ability to handle an explosive situation in such a humorous, fair and graceful manner.

nice one... lol.

nice one.. lol..
don h. nashville

Casey K Castle Rock
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LOL!!! Great one! Thanks for sharing.

A Joke I heard

The Wife asked, "Where did all these empty whiskey bottles come from?" The husband replied, "Don't look at me, I didn't bring home any empty whiskey bottles!" Alfred G.

A Joke I heard

The Wife asked, "Where did all these empty whiskey bottles come from?" The husband replied, "Don't look at me, I didn't bring home any empty whiskey bottles!"

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Re: Anti Catholic

Take what you need and leave the rest


"Take what you want and leave the rest!" I practised that axiom all my life!!!

If I did not like a job I LEFT IT AND DID NOT DO IT!!!

Take what you need and leave the rest!

The above phrase is a perfect description of my drinking!
When asked what my favourite drink was,
I replied in one word. MORE!!!

" I am suffering from an acute form of inverse paranoia!!!
I think my family and friends are holding secret meetings, planning ways to make me happy!"






Most of my INSIGHTS are just HINDSIGHTS!

Action plus knowledge=???

The more I know about AA and the less I do about it, THE MORE I SUFFER!!!

We don't get well in AA, WE GET BETTER!



Selp approval!

I depended on others TO TELL ME HOW TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT ME!!!

Getting MY WAY!!!

Of course I don's always get what I want!!! Instead I get what I need!!!


7 days without a meeting makes a weak.

Casey K Castle Rock
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a weak?

7 days without a meeting makes ONE weak.


:) 7 days without a meeting makes ONE weak!


Should be, "makes ONE weak!" lol

Relating to reality

" I was never a fan of reality!"

Newcomer:"How do I know that I drink too much?"

Oldtimer;" Maybe, by asking that very question!"

A drink of alcohol...

No matter what I am experiencing now, a drink of alcohol cannot improve on it!!!

Gratitude chances your attitude.
You can't be grateful, if you are grateful.

One day at a time...

I can choose to live one day at a time or one day at a whine...

Can you laugh at yourself?

At a meeting today a member shared that as he was driving, he noticed a slogan in the back window of the card ahead of him. "I AM UNABLE TO LAUGH AT MYSELF!" Some wit responded in writing and stated, "I can help here. I can laugh at you!!!

Another comment had this gem, A member saw the follwing remark on the wall in his local barber shop. "Everyday, I make a decisin to like one person. Today is not your day! And it is not looking too good for you tomorrow either!"

Laught at myself!!!

He said, " If I can laugh at myself I can have a life of free, endless entertainment!!!

Charlie Chaplain entered a Charlie Chaplain look alike competition.


One drink of Alcohol does...

No matter what I am experiencing now, one drink of alcohol does not IMPROVE IT!!!

Gratitude changes your attitude!

You can't be grateful, if you are hateful!

Honest insight.

I used to say "I COULDN'T HELP MYSELF"

Often the truth was that I DIDN'T HELP MYSELF!!!"

Funny how that worked out

So two days ago I was trying to find a meeting, saw a 5:30pm listed but when I got there no one was around. So I called my good friend and he talked me through another sober night. He also told me "Hey those doors were unlocked, next time just stop for a few minutes, grab a big book, read a story or two and see what happens. So yesterday I did just that, none was there so I grabbed a big book and sat down to read. Not five minutes had passed when a car pulled up. Older gentleman walked up to me and said "looks like it's just us, I'm chuck and i have been sober 32 years." I replied" I'm mike and I've been sober for 3 days" we sat and talked for an hour or so. It was just amazing to me how that worked. I don't think there was anything random about that encounter. Keep your eyes peeled for those small miracles.

How it works

it is always true that we just share experience strength and hope with one another Some of those encounters are more benefit to me since I need to be reminded what is like in very early sobriety.


I know I have lost a lot of trust with my wife from my drinking and drugging, but what I don't understand is that she throws this up to me constantly. It is really a big hit in the heart for me. I really feel like she trust me with nothing, not just the disease I have, and it really makes me lose a lot of faith in myself. I have even starting taking depression meds. I had a wreck from alcohol, that almost took my life, and now I am sitting here with a broke neck asking for some kind of input with somebody with some length of sobriety. My sobriety date is June 1, 2013, and this is my dozen or so time battleing this drink, and this time I am lucky to be here. Look I actually need a friend, before I lose my mind. I have a sponsor, but sometimes that's just not enough.


Hi my name is Bill and I am an alcoholic.My sobriety date is Feb 19th 2010.work the steps all of them.Does your wife attend alanon meetings?Don't give up,We have caused a lot of wreckage but we can recover through working the steps.Your wife is scared and hurt and needs help,alanon can help her.become involved in service work and help other alcoholics by sharing your story.one of the most corroding threads to our existence is fear.Do not become a victim of self pity get out and help others,your wife will see a change in your behavior and just maybe she will stop belittling you.I will pray for you and your wife,your friend Bill

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A higher power and the 12 steps

Trust is one of the many broken things from our past many alcoholics bring here. Through working the steps as described in the Big Book of AA and developing a reliance on a higher power you can recover from the hopeless malady of mind and spirit brought on by alcoholism and begin to repair the damage of the past. If your an alcoholic like me, then take it one day at a time (or minute as the case may be). Find a good sponsor who will walk you through the steps. Through working the steps you will develop an understanding and reliance on power greater than yourself. As it states in the Big Book. the promises, they will materialize if we work for them.

Rob M.

You need god! He'll work

You need god! He'll work miracles through you that nobody else can;-)

Congratulations on your

Congratulations on your sobriety date. It's hard to break the thinking cycle. The best way to do that is to DO something else. Start walking. Bend over and pet a dog or pick up a wrapper. Those precious seconds will make you forget your problems (before they all flood back). Those seconds will get longer but start small. Start today. Start now. (...like right now).

same case - trust

i'm in the same boat . i've been in a wheelchair 12 years now . she doesn't even trust me to go to a meeting by myself !

what alcoholism does.

"Alcoholism can wipe the smile from the face of a child!"

"At my first AA meeting, I did noy know whether I was animal, plant or mineral!"

"I always wanted to be somebody. I guess I shuold have been more partciular!"

An alcoholic on a vacation send a postcard greeting to her mother, "I am having a lovely time. I wish that I was here!"

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