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"Forward, " and, "Foreword," are two very different words.

'Bill W. firmly advocated the

'Bill W. firmly advocated the use of recovered... Recovered meant, "I'm well today" recovering meant "I'm still sick".' (from Mrs Marty Mann: the first lady of Alcoholics Anonymous, by Sally and David Brown, page 194).
However, the Big Book is NOT a textbook giving instructions; it is AA's basic text: 'The story of how many thousands of men and women have recovered frlom alcoholism' (title page). So the Big Book is a story book, not a text book.
And by the way it is foreword not forward.

RE: "Bill W.... foreward not forward.

Thanks for the correction and for the message. I often
wish for a better knowledge of the English language. Although I consider myself a recovered alcoholic (the
obsession/compulsion was lifted on a Saturday long ago),
I do not use the words recovered or recovering at
meetings. I only state my name and that I am an alcoholic
which, by the way is part of the first step. This stating
my name and that I am an alcoholic was never meant to be
a greeting or salutation. ANONYMOUS

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Thank you for your quote.

I came into AA with a spiritual thirst, but I didn't want to quit drinking. The Big Book and meetings showed me how to let God into my life. I was so thrilled with the new way of life I put the plug in the jug after six weeks.

Other books

I recently suggested the site administrator add a big book discussion topic to the “what’s on your mind forum”. My feeling is to take a page or so and discuss it with other members of AA. I felt having this as a topic would give AA members a forum to discuss our basic text without giving other members the impression we were shoving the book down their throats. This way, if you don’t want to read or hear about the big book, don’t click on the big book topic.
With no further ado, let’s look at the first few pages of the big book, the page with the heading “other books”. This page gives a list of “conference approved” literature. What that mean so me, is simply the literature committee has reviewed and confers that this material aligns with AA principles. It does not suggest that other material is not approved, the conference only approves AA produced material.
I have made it a practice to reread the 12x12,AA comes of age, pass it on, dr bob and the good oldtimers, on an annual basis. I keep copies of the pamphlets the “group” and “problems other than alcohol” in my big book for reference at meetings. I feel there is a wealth of useful information in this literature. After studying these books, I have found many comments that are taken as facts in AA meetings wind up as fiction. For example, did you know Bill W gave Dr. Bob his last beer or that Dr. Bob didn’t work the 12 steps, because there wasn’t 12 at the time, he worked the 6 step word of mouth program.
Thank you Grapevine for providing a digital forum for us to discuss the book that gave me directions for recovery from alcoholism!

Exactly what this bool is about

"Lack of power, that was our dilemma. We had to
find a power by which we could live, and it had to be
a Power greater than ourselves. Obviously. But where
and how were we to find this Power?

Well, that's exactly what this book is about. Its
main object is to enable you to find a Power greater
than yourself which will solve your problem."

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