G.B. from Lafayette, Indiana , Northeast Region

I was introduced to Grapevine around eight months sober and encouraged by my sponsor to develop the habit of reading “Our meeting in print” regularly. He said that when looking for answers, Grapevine was the place to go. However, being early in sobriety, I read two or three of the articles and while I found them interesting, I put Grapevine on the shelf for later use.

At two and a half years sober an old-timer asked me if I was familiar with Grapevine. He said that it was an important part of his recovery program. I told him I was aware of the magazine and had read a few stories. He invited me to attend a meeting of the Thursday Night Grapevine Group. Every week our topic came from Grapevine, whether it was from the discussion topic page or another article. I knew this is where I belonged. It became my home group for the next four years.

At three years sober, I read an article about how most people relapsed at year four. I became depressed and figured that I was in trouble. I spoke to an old-timer who had read the same article and told him of my fear. He asked if I had read the entire article. I immediately lowered my head and told him that I only read the first two paragraphs and then gave up. He then informed me that in the other nine paragraphs was the answer on how to prevent a relapse and that I might want to think about how “half measures avail us nothing.”

I have been a faithful reader of Grapevine—cover to cover—since 1980.