From the March 1989 magazine.

Wherever the Elevator Stops

Recently at a meeting I heard a lady tell some of my story. She did not drink as much as some of us because she went nuts on just a few and she also spent long periods of time not drinking at all because of the fear of what would happen if she did. She found her way to the program and recovery before all was lost or destroyed. Her talk was followed by a man who said, "I'm--, and I'm a true alcoholic." He proceeded to tell a story of daily hard drinking for many years with trips to hospitals, jails, prisons, and asylums before coming to AA. The impression was given, possibly quite unintentionally, that his experience qualified him more for our AA program than the previous speaker.

Hearing this reminded me of when I was new to this way of life, both before and after I joined AA. You see, I went to open AA meetings off and on for three years, wondering if I could be an alcoholic but always deciding that I could not because I did not drink the way I heard other people say they drank nor had the "yets" happened to me. I had never been in jail, been stopped for drunk driving, been financially irresponsible, or been committed in an asylum. Sometimes I could drink only a few drinks and nothing terrible would happen nor would I crave more.

-- Judith L.

Everett, Washington

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