From the April 1989 magazine.

What's an Outside Issue?

Recently I've seen some real problems emerging in the areas that once were the basic strengths of AA. This thought was galvanized recently at one of my favorite meetings. We were to vote on whether or not to make our meeting nonsmoking. As a three time loser of the American Cancer Society clinics and having dropped $500 with the Seventh Day Adventists in a futile attempt to stop, I thought I had better stay and see how it went.

After hearing the first few speakers, pro and con, I thought each side had some equally valid points. Then someone spoke of the many places that no longer allowed smoking in our city. It's a very long list: municipal buildings, most workplaces, retail stores, trains--just about everywhere but bars. I dare say there's not a bar in this country or any other that has one of those discreet little signs: "We'd prefer that you don't smoke."

-- Anonymous

New York, New York

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