From the October 1990 magazine.

Spirituality and Money

The first time I had to talk about finances at a district meeting when I was my area's treasurer, a fellow sitting in the back of the room yelled out: "Why in the world are you always talking about money when this is a spiritual program?" The guy threw me and I didn't know how to answer him. What I am going to try to do now is to explain how money and spirituality do mix in AA. They have to mix when we keep the right attitude and the proper perspective.

My name is John H. I am an alcoholic and I belong to the Forest Hills Group. The Forest Hills Group has one meeting a week which is a speaker's meeting that meets on Monday nights. At that meeting they pass the basket and as a responsible member of that group, I put my donation in the basket. As a group member, I have to be responsible for the rent, literature, coffee, donuts and supporting the larger support system of AA. We have six members in the Forest Hills Group, and we pay $85.00 a month in rent to the church because that is the amount they requested.

-- John H.

Belleville, New Jersey

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