From the June 1992 magazine.

AA Lite

The speaker at our meeting last week told us that after leaving rehab, she got into the "program." She said she now has lots of "program" people in her life who help her out by talking "program" to her.

As the years have gone by, I have been exposed to more and more of this language about the "program." After wondering whether I was just being intolerant and repeatedly taking the Tenth Step on the question, I consulted old-timers, the Big Book, and the "Twelve and Twelve" and gave the whole thing some serious thought. I have begun to see a pattern. What we have here seems to be a separate agenda, a whole other approach to recovery, one which is slowly replacing the plain, simple, time-tested AA approach (which I express as: Trust God, Clean House, and Help Others).

-- Abe S.

Belchertown, Massachusetts

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