From the June 2007 magazine.

Access For AA

I arrived in a new city with eleven months of sobriety, two acquaintances, and a massive amount of hope. I was eager to attend a meeting and imagined that a rousing group of sober alcoholics would meet at the nearby university.

I went online to find a meeting. I don't usually limit my search to wheelchair-accessible meetings--I have attended meetings everywhere. My AA brothers and sisters have never let an obstacle like stairs hinder my attendance; alcoholics have hoisted me up the steps to the Winner's Circle in San Antonio and helped me maneuver uphill to the door of the Hope Group in Cedar Park, Texas. However, in an unfamiliar city, I felt safer attending a meeting where I could move about independently, so I applied a search to find wheelchair-accessible meetings. There were none listed; my heart sank. Fortunately, I am not afraid to ask for help--access barriers do not concern me.

-- Amanda C.

Logan, Utah

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