From the January 1958 magazine.

From the Vintage Years


AA WOULD INEVITABLY HAVE COME to Jacksonville some day, but we are grateful to an Executive Officer of the Naval Air Training Station for bringing AA to us as far back as the beginning of the present world conflict.

By April 18, 1941, he had formed a nucleus of a group with four alcoholics, and we are very proud that these four men are sober, dependable representatives of this city today. They found the going rough, just as our co-founders did in the beginning. But today, we have risen from the original four men to sixty-eight men and women. Meetings were first held in homes; later a leading hotel offered the group accommodations one night each week. When we got squarely on our feet with about fifteen members, we moved into our own Club Rooms, and one year ago we found it necessary to move again to much larger quarters. We now have the use of a fraternal organization's hall to accommodate our open meetings numbering one hundred and more members and guests.

-- J. L. A.

Jacksonville, Florida

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