From the May 1958 magazine. First printed in May 1945.

From the Vintage Years


[from the May 1945 Grapevine]

ORDINARILY, DIABETES ISN'T RATED as one of the hazards of reporting, but the Alcoholics Anonymous article in the Saturday Evening Post came close to costing me my liver, and maybe AA neophytes ought to be told this when they are handed copies of the article to read. It might impress them. In the course of my fact-gathering, I drank enough Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, ginger ale, Moxie and Sweetie to float the Saratoga. Then there was the thickly frosted cake so beloved of AA gatherings, and the heavily sweetened coffee, and the candy. Nobody can tell me that alcoholism isn't due solely to an abnormal craving for sugar, not even a learned psychiatrist. Otherwise the AA assignment was a pleasure.

-- Jack Alexander

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