From the June 1964 magazine. First printed in January 1958.

Prayer of St. Francis

This article of Bill's was first printed in the Grapevine in the January 1958 issue. Many AAs have mentioned it since as a great help in their continuing search for serenity. We reprint it to signal the start of the Grapevine's Twentieth Anniversary year and as part of a plan to bring you some samples of the best of our past: a reprint--each month of the next twelve--of articles that were especially well liked. (See the Grapevine's Story on page 26.)--Ed.

I THINK that many oldsters who have put our AA "booze cure" to severe but successful tests still find they often lack emotional sobriety. Perhaps they will be the spearhead for the next major development in AA--the development of much more real maturity and balance (which is to say, humility) in our relations with ourselves, with our fellows, and with God.

-- Bill W.

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