From the November 1979 magazine.

Sponsor Relationships

Everybody needs somebody to work things out

ONE SPONSOR plus one group equals sobriety! That's what was suggested to me in my first week. However, I often saw some other newcomer claim four or five groups as home groups, pick a liberal, a moderate, and a conservative as sponsors, ask all three for advice, then do as he pleased. And he stayed sober! Which is the better way? A puzzling question. . .

Rigid formulas for sobriety wear thin for me. They can get boring. I fell in love with Alcoholics Anonymous because our program is so malleable. The Steps, the Traditions, and the Twelve Concepts for world service all allow us complete autonomy as groups and freedom as individuals. The way one person works the program is not necessarily the way another does or, indeed, should.

-- E. S.

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