From the November 1979 magazine. First printed in May 1960.

Where the Words Come from

From the May 1960 Grapevine

The story in a recent issue (February 1960) of the Grapevine about AA life on an Indian reservation called to mind a true story that has almost become a legend out here in the Southwest. At a meeting in southern Arizona, three Papago Indians were in attendance one night. Two were very young, and one was very old. After the meeting, both of the younger men pumped the speaker's hand and thanked him very profusely. The old Indian also said something in his native tongue, and one of the younger men interpreted it to the speaker as follows: "He say he don't know what you say, but he like where the words come from."

We have learned the art of listening in this Fellowship, and how wonderful has been the result! It is one of the great dividends that many of us overlook. Have you ever sat in an easy, pleasant conversation with another of our Fellowship when things took a sudden turn? You each listen avidly to the other; then you found yourself saying things that astonished even you. Something seemed to emerge from it all, and there was a simple naturalness in the long pause that followed.

-- K. C.

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