From the October 1982 magazine. First printed in November 1947.

Group Meetings Grow, and So Do Expenses

Amounts of money may differ, but the principle of group self-support hasn't changed in 35 years - From the November 1947 Grapevine

MORE AND MORE, our meetings are outgrowing the small home gatherings where meeting needs are at a minimum. The greater proportion of meetings are now of necessity held in some hall or meeting room where it is necessary to pay rent.

The very growth of AA and the size of the average group are the primary factors behind this necessity. By the same token, expenses mount. Heat and light are in some instances added expense. The increasing demand for AA literature becomes an expense factor. The group share of area central committees and the AA Foundation office [now the AA General Service Office] must be counted in the overall group expense budget. An increasing number of groups also give AA year pins to members who have attained a year of sobriety. In the larger groups, this becomes quite an expense item. Many groups also purchase a limited number of copies of the Grapevine or a local area paper, to be given to newcomers. Even refreshments add to the expense.

-- H. W.

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