From the November 1983 magazine.

A Beef From Australia

A suggestion on how to treat a newly released inmate - From the July 1970 Grapevine

I AM AN INMATE of a South Australian prison, and I've got a beef. At our regular AA meeting, I heard one of the "outside" visitors say, "You will be accepted as an equal when you leave here and attend AA meetings on the outside." These were wonderful words to hear. But this same speaker spoiled it all when he added, "You will be regarded as new members."

He seemed to imply that inmates who found AA in prison were not exactly regarded as being full members (no pun intended) until after they were released. I can understand that the prison inmate may not have the opportunity to obtain booze as the outside member has, but in all fairness, I do think that a number of other factors should be considered.

-- A. K.

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