From the November 1984 magazine. First printed in January 1962.

Emotional Involvement

Sometimes Cupid's darts hit the wrong mark - From the January 1962 Grapevine

IF LAURIE just wouldn't drink," said her friends, including me. Anyone could see that Laurie and drink didn't mix. After that second or third martini, Laurie turned into a Miss Hyde. Whether she was at a cocktail party, at a restaurant, or at home, she informed all within cannon shot of her husband's shortcomings, many of them intimate. At the finish of this recital, she would darkly hint at Reno.

Sober, Laurie was a good kid. She was attractive, intelligent, and warmhearted. But she seemed to be sober less and less. Finally, she threatened Reno once too often, and her husband bought her a one-way ticket.

-- F. C.

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