From the November 1989 magazine. First printed in November 1969.

Why Don't We Talk About Sex?

From the November 1969 Grapevine

An interesting aspect of our Fellow ship is that one of our most serious problems, collectively speaking, is mentioned very little or not at all, either at meetings or in our literature. That problem is sex, in all its various forms and sublimations. It is involved in, if not the prime cause of, as many as seventy-five percent of slips, according to one rehabilitation-center worker I know.

More curious still have been the reactions of various AAs to my rather tentative explorations into the possibility of discussing the subject. While a few have responded in a mature manner, many have reacted either negatively or with smirks and grins reminiscent of a teenage locker room. A few have even branded me as a "sick fiend."

-- P. S.

Greenwich, Connecticut

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