From the September 1944 magazine.


On Matters of Grapevine Policy

The originators of The Grapevine did not lay down any specific policy when they began assembling material for the first issue. We were, however, in unanimous agreement that the paper must represent, in the broadest sense possible, the general philosophy of A.A. Now, after three issues, the Editors feel that a definite policy has crystallized:

  1. The Grapevine does not presume to speak for A.A. as a whole; no one member or group of members, can. The Editors, however, are dedicated to furthering, to the best of their abilities, the philosophy of life and action laid down in the 12 steps of A.A.
  2. The Editors are resolved never, knowingly, to print anything that might conceivably harm A.A. as a whole, or any member of A.A.
  3. The Grapevine takes no position whatsoever on controversial matters, such as religious beliefs, politics, or economics. And The Grapevine, like A.A. as a whole, has no official attitude toward either Wets or Drys.

The Editors also feel that it is the privilege and duty of all Grapevine-reading members of A.A. to express themselves fully should they feel that The Grapevine is transgressing any part of the 12 steps. The section called "Points of View" is wide open to each and every one of you to register your protest, disagreement, or (we hope) approval.

-- The Editors

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