From the September 1944 magazine.

Memo to Grapevine Readers

Next month's issue is pivoted around the Yale-sponsored National Committee for Education on Alcoholism. This Committee has great significance for us, as A.A.s, on two counts. First, because it is an extremely important, highly organized effort to get the American public to understand alcoholism as a disease. And second, because Marty M., the first woman to get well through A.A., is its Executive Director. The Grapevine will interview Marty at length, asking her all about the Committee's plan in detail, and learning where we, as groups and individuals, can add our strength to this great campaign of education on alcoholism.

NOTE TO GROUP SECRETARIES: The November issue will devote itself to the "Trials, Errors & Successes of the A.A. Beginner." Do try to get your writing members to send us their experiences as ewe-lambs. Grapevine readers want to hear from all parts of the country: North, South, East, and West!

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