From the January 1959 magazine.

One Purpose Only

The third in a series of capsule comments on AA's Twelve Traditions by editors of AA publications all over the world. - TRADITIONS V AND VI

ONE of the most common faults of the alcoholic, in my opinion, is our fickleness. Control of our emotions, depth of our interest, loyalty and gratitude, and our willingness to "stay in harness" must be developed first before we can become properly integrated into the group and its simple practice of Tradition Five: "carrying the message." The first signs of fickleness appear after attending meetings for several months. We're sober, but restive. We become bored with the (to us) prosaic, monotonous weekly meetings. "What this group needs," we argue, "is variety. Let's have a dance or a card party!"

These "extras" are dynamite if they are not judiciously controlled. Every member and every group should etch this important Fifth Tradition on our minds. Diversions have destroyed many fine groups in the past twenty years.

-- H. W. D.

Cleveland, Ohio

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