From the April 1959 magazine.

You Said It!

EARLY in 1958 the Grapevine editorial staff felt that the time had come for a readership survey in order to establish whether the present content of the GV was fulfilling its function of truly representing the needs and wishes of its readers. A pilot poll of the Delegates at the General Service Conference in April revealed an interesting and generally satisfactory balance in the magazine--at least among the Delegates; and so it was decided that we would follow roughly the same formula in the various areas represented by the Delegates.

Ten copies of a Readers' Questionnaire were sent to each Delegate for distribution, and in the June issue of the Grapevine we published the same questionnaire. A total of 639 returns were received. The result of this survey has been reassuring and rewarding. Opinions from each of the United States and every Canadian Province are reflected in the returns and we feel we have a genuine cross-section reaction from our readers.

-- The Editors

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