From the October 1964 magazine.

Another Human Being. . .

An introduction --and a comment on sponsorship

THE Grapevine received two manuscripts touching on the theme of suicide as it relates to AA experience, and decided to run them together in this issue. The first is a frankly personal story, the second is a look at the problem from a relatively objective point of view. The articles seem to complement one another, and they seem, together, to invite comment under the heading 'sponsorship.'

Why so? We pray not to be glib on such a subject as the urge to destroy oneself. We have no special knowledge, no professional competence to deal with it. We are just members of AA, and have had certain deep, meaningful experiences, which affect how we look at everything. The essence of these experiences is that we have been helped. When there seemed to be no help at all; when we seemed to ourselves to be totally undeserving of any help, were any available.

-- The Editors

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