From the January 1997 magazine.

La Viña--A Progress Report

On the Grapevine

We recently got a letter from the director of the General Service Office in Chile regarding La Viña, the new Spanish-language edition of the Grapevine. The letter read, in part, "It gives me great pleasure to salute the entire staff of your prestigious publication. The truth is that La Viña fills the Spanish-speaking AA community with pride. In particular, it's been years since I've seen a magazine so full of landscapes, so beautiful, and so delicate. It's a gift from our Higher Power. We just hope many more people will subscribe here in Chile, where this magazine has caused such an impact. . ."

Well, so far we have published three issues and the initial circulation figures are substantially higher than we had anticipated at the start of this venture. We had hoped to have a start-up circulation of about 6,000 copies, but in actuality we have done a lot better with an average of greater than 9,000 copies. On the financial end, however, the picture is still a little bit cloudy, and we have sent out a series of invoices so far in an effort to secure payment for the magazines mailed. At the moment, we have received payment for nearly half of the subscriptions ordered and expect that number to continue rising in response to our billing efforts.

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