From the June 1944 magazine.

Two Yale Savants Stress Alcoholism As True Disease

At the launching of The Grapevine, we wish to express our heartiest congratulations and best wishes for the success of this new publication. The invitation to contribute a note on the Yale Plan Clinics to the first issue of your Journal, confirms our belief in the close relation between the interests of Alcoholics Anonymous and the broad studies we have undertaken on all aspects of alcoholism.

The first Yale Plan Clinics, which are at New Haven and Hartford, were established by the Laboratory of Applied Physiology of Yale University in cooperation with the Connecticut Prison Association. This most recent venture does not stand by itself, but is closely integrated with the researches and educational activities of the Laboratory. These three activities represent a broad scheme in which rehabilitation of the alcoholic and the prevention of inebriety are equal goals.

-- H. W. Haggard and E. M. Jellinek

New Haven, Connecticut,

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