From the June 1944 magazine.

Grapevine" in Bow

In a big smoke-filled room six ink-stained wretches sipped at their Cokes as I shot question after question at them.

"All right," I said, "The stork didn't bring this paper. Nobody found it in a rose bush. It didn't just grow like Topsy. Come clean, now. How'd it all begin?" "Well," the six began, "It was just something that was in the air. Everybody, at some time or other, has had the bright idea: let's have an A.A. paper! Then--bang--Cleveland had one; so why not us, here in the Metropolitan area? We figured to take the paper out of the talking stage and put it into print." With that the six shut up. In the silence that followed I looked these people over. Very average. A cashier; a radio script writer; an author; a bookseller; an art director; a wife and mother of two. "Do you realize," I said, "that you people are sticking your necks out to here? Starting a paper up all by your little selves. Not putting it to a vote and all that kind of thing."

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