From the July 1944 magazine.

Seminar on Alcohol

The 1944 session of Yale University's School of Alcohol Studies will open on July 7th and continue through August 4th. The object of these summer sessions is to make the findings of scientific research on all phases of alcohol available for actual use by communities all over the country. Civic activities for the care and rehabilitation of alcoholics have been almost non-existent in the past, and this is largely due to lack of knowledge.

The aim of the school is to furnish such knowledge to a selected group of students (social workers, ministers and church workers, teachers and school administrators, doctors and medical students, etc.) who can qualify as leaders in their communities. Last year there were six members of Alcoholics Anonymous from various parts of the country who attended the school. This year there will be ten or fifteen A.A.s. Bill will again be a lecturer on "The Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous," speaking at 7:30 p.m., Thursday, August 3rd.

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