From the July 1944 magazine.

Grapevine Finances

The Editors of The Grapevine feel that its readers and contributors are entitled to know the costs of putting the paper out. Our first issue cost $187.10 of which $86.00 went for the printing of 1200 copies; $79.38 paid for the masthead and the Alcoholics Anonymous cut, and $21.72 included postage, the Post Office box rent, mailing wrappers, etc. Since some of these costs are non-recurring (the masthead and the lettering for instance), and other costs will rise (postage and stationery, etc.) we estimate that future issues will probably run around $150.00 per issue. If the entire run of any issue sells out: 1. on a copy basis (15c)--revenue will be $180.00; 2. on a subscription basis (121/2c)--revenue will be $150.00. However about 600 copies of the first issue were distributed free, and free copies will continue to be sent to all service men and women whose addresses we can get.

To break even on future issues it is estimated we would need: 1000 copy sales--$150.00, OR 1200 subscriptions--$150.00, or a combination of the two producing that amount. We do not expect to achieve that immediately, but as the first three issues have been underwritten by the Editors, and we have already received some donations from interested friends of The Grapevine, we guess we'll get along. Just thought you all would like to know!

-- Ed.

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