From the August 1944 magazine.


On Living the A. A. Way for 7 Years

Funny thing after all these years. . .but it seems I haven't known too much about A.A. and what it really meant until just lately. And I suppose I shall go on as long as I live, and remain in A.A., feeling from week to week, month to month, and maybe even year to year, that I am only just beginning to have some-appreciation of what it all means, how big it is.

Sure, for over seven years now I've yapped happily about A.A.--what it is, how to use it, and what it could do for you--when, in reality, I had only a glimmer of its full power. But now I've seen people use it. There was the A.A. couple who lost three children in one week. Another couple whose only son died. Then there was the fellow who sobered up a couple of years ago and was finally able to get his wife the fur coat he had been promising for ten years. . .she was killed wearing it within a week.

-- D. S.

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