From the August 1944 magazine.

Time on Your Hands

So many of us, as we emerge from the abyss of alcoholism, are aware of barren, wasted years and missed opportunities. As our minds open little by little and become de-fogged, we are often beset by the grim gremlins of regret when we realize that the bar room and cocktail corner did not give us intellectual and practical food and drink even though, at times, we felt ourselves to be brilliant and sophisticated members of the intelligentsia. It is, therefore, comforting to discover that it is not too late and that New York City and its environs offer the finest adult educational programs to be found anywhere in the country. Our latest find, THE NEW SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL RESEARCH, 66 West 12th Street, is an example. As The Grapevine goes to print, it is too late to take advantage of the Summer session, but it is not too early to start making plans for the Fall semester. The tuition is extremely moderate, many of the classes are at night and the list of offerings is varied and extensive. It includes Philosophy and Psychology, Political Science, Sociology, Economics, Art, Drama (acting, writing and stagecraft), Literature, Professional Writing and Languages, all of these in their various phases. The Fall program will be sent on request and is well worth looking over. Credits for B.A. degrees are given when desired. For practical, vocational training, it might be well to apply to your nearest Y.M.C.A. Many of them have an affiliated Trade and Technical School. If your local Y.M.C.A. hasn't this service, go to the one at 5 West 63rd Street and make inquiries about their classes. For those interested in art, the COOPER UNION ART SCHOOL, Cooper Square, Room 205A, has free day and evening courses. Their catalogue is worth sending for. THE NEW YORK INSTITUTE OF DIETETICS, 660 Madison Avenue, will prepare you for an interesting and practical career. There will be an increasing demand for trained dieticians in the immediate and postwar picture. Start now, plan to make your hours count next fall. In the meantime, go to your nearest RED CROSS or CIVILIAN DEFENSE VOLUNTEER OFFICE and offer your services. The volunteer shortage is acute--or--if the shakes have gone and you are feeling fit and singing in the shower, give some of that grand new blood that is coursing through your veins to the Red Cross. There's a guy out there somewhere who isn't singing and needs that pint (of blood) more than you do. If you have a free moment right now, sit down and write us about your hobby or how and where you learned about the interesting things you know.

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